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Where you can find iconz..kthxbai!1
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Iconz_kthx. Stop by. Look around. Pick something up. Credit.

Maintained by mother,littledust,the purpose of this community is to let out our creative impulses and in the process, making graphics for you to use!

Of course, don't expect us to be too nice, but we'll try and be polite as long as you make sure to leave money in that pot.

Yes, the hidden one over there saying 'will icon for change' >_>

1. See something you want to take? Please comment with what number(s) you're taking. It helps us keep track of what styles all of you enjoy the most.

2. When using the icon, please make sure to type in the maker's name into the keywords. This is strongly advised so that if someone else sees your icon, they'll know where they got it from and can stop by. It's all very convenient. It just takes a little cooperation. Really, it's respectful when you do so.

3. If using for a deadjournal, blurty, greatestjournal, etc. tell us which and what its user name is. Credit is still mandatory there. I don't intend to spend my time making an icon and then have all 100+ taken for a shittier lj clone.

4. Please don't modify our icons unless told otherwise. It's just as bad as plagirism and I consider it even worse than just taking the icon. If you want a base to have a certain extent, then contact us directly. That will then turn into a request.

5. Friend us and we'll friend you! It's all a mutual matter and it helps make the world go round'. Of course, we'd love for other icon journals to become affiliates. Don't hesitate!

We do take requests. I would still like you all to keep in mind that we run on very tight schedules and it's difficult to keep up to par with too many requests at once. But this doesn't mean we won't comply and do our darndest(dork alert) and make love to every icon you ask for.

Now, ignoring that last paragraph.. requests are limited to 5 per person, per month. They can be any type, though I suggest leaving the animated ones to Unmei. You can also only ask for a specific iconist' to do your bidding, and I promise the other won't be too hurt. Much. And it is also required to give credit!

Just please only make your request when we create a post related specifically to it. Thanks.

Aly; Currently, I am accepting funds for use of my server (shuukyou). I have 4 subdomains available and a pretty unlimited amount of upload and download.

If anyone is interested, I'd appreciate if you contact me at the areas in my user info and give me some information on what you will use it for -how much space you want.


Layout; was created by mother. All coding is copyright to her, and the images are copyright to 'Death Note' manga.

Created using PS7.0 and Mapedit.

..Now onto the icons! =O