27th July 2004

Sorry for the delay...

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No explanation. Just have been too busy, too lazy, and have had no motivation. So sue me.. >_>;

FMA; 21
MGS3; 03
Gungrave; 05


1. 2.

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15th July 2004


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Is anyone here willing to buy iconz_kthx a PAID account? *wibble* I really want to make it a layout and for it to look nice! ^_^

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57 icons.

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I didn't want this journal to go dead. I haven't been updating because I've had lots of things to do. @_@;;; What about the others? *pouts and looks around* WHERE ARE YOU TWO???

Anyhoo, the series are scattered, to find what you want then, you'll have to use look around a bit.

Advent Children // 19
Final Fantasy X // 2
Hana-Kimi // 3
Fruits Basket // 18
Tsubasa // 2
X // 7
Final Fantasy VII // 1
Tekken // 2
Card Captor Sakura // 3
57 icons total!!!

Ah... BITE ME.Collapse )

Sorry, I'll put more up later? ^ ^;;: If I'm not lazy.

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2nd July 2004


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Made icons from time to time over the past... week or so? The anime series are scattered and I apologize. I can't even remember how many icons I made. Not many, I'm afraid. I haven't been myself so just excuse me please?


Full Moon wo Sagashite // 22
Tokyo Babylon // 15
Fruits Basket // 13
X // 11
Advent Children:: Aeris // 10
71 icons in total?

Notice how the numbers go down? o_O

Lookie look what I made, mommy!Collapse )

My fingers are FREEZING. Since when was it cold down here during summer? *shivers*

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23rd June 2004

Ehhh... 37 icons

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Well, not really much of an update they use mostly the same pictures but I hope that there are people out there that appreciate them. Here are some things for the Tokyo Babylon Fans!


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19th June 2004

Update.. wee!

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So, it took me about two days to do all these. I got very bored, and at the begining I vowed to make eighty -that fell through. Instead I made 47.. most of them being FMA *sweatdrop.* And I'd like to welcome yumeminouta to our little 'group'. Everyone compliment her icons, because they're better than mine!! >:O ..she doesn't believe they are.

Anyhow, onto the icons:

FMA; 30.
Naruto; 06
Samurai Champloo; 06
Devil may Cry; 05

Total; 47

As always, please comment if you're taking and definitely credit!

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18th June 2004


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17th June 2004

23 Icons

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10 Gravitation Icons, 13 Advent Children IconsCollapse )

Sorry my icons aren't as great as mother. ^ ^;

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14th June 2004

110 X icons!

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I'm new! ^_^ Thank you so much, mother for inviting me.

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And remember to credit!

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5th June 2004


Here's a wallpaper I made. It's RukaxJuri and all cutesy-like. I was going to use a manga image, but... *Shrug*

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31st May 2004

New icons.. another day.

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Please take care with these. I know a lot of them are bases, but I've been stressed and fried these past few days. I'm suprised I made any at all. XD

Edit: Added a few I forgot, too >>; I'm so burnt..

--Advent Children;06
--Batman Begins;05
--Gundam Wing;Duo;05


they're all under here! :OCollapse )

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15th May 2004

So.. I caved in

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ALL of these are FMA. So sue me; I like them.



1. 2. 3. Obviously, the rest are under here. <3Collapse )

Comment either me or iconz_kthx in the keyword... ya-da ya-da. *head hit desk*

edit: Finally finding out who some of the fanart belongs to. Please credit junemermaid for numbers 12+19. She has some lovely artwork <3

icons 2-10 + 17 are from http://crazy9.musext.com/ (crazy9) -they specialize in who I call.. evilhughes and evilroy! >D

and the rest, I have no earthly clue. >_O SORRY!

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6th May 2004


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Just one today. I scanned the image myself. It makes me happy.


1. Comment
2. Credit
3. Love it and hug it and call it Spencer.

(Isn't she ADORABLE in the manga??)

PS- I HEART mother.

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25th April 2004


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I haven't made icons in GOD'S knows how long. So.. I'm taking requests.


- Provide me with your pic (anime or otherwise)

- Try to tell me what colors you'd like and give me the intended text (lyrics or otherwise) and you'll probably have it the same night.

- Don't expect to have any animated ones, since my JASC Animation Shop is dead in the water.

- Limit each user post to one every two days (from each individual) because I can't keep up if you expect me to make you 10 different icons, just for YOU.

- Be patient. I work, so I'll get them done when I do -but I'm usually good for that.

As long as you follow those guidelines, thats' fine. You all have posting access now, so please start giving me your requests.

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17th April 2004


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Hokuto-chan here! ...Think it took me long enough to update? Not nearly long enough... Anyway!I hope you're smart enough to have figured them out already, but here they are...


[x] Comment on which one(s) you are taking.
[x] Credit. Either rainbow_gossip or iconz_kthx.
[x] Take it home and love it and squeeze it and name it Spencer.

Yes. These are all the same picture. But I really liked it...

1. 2.

RukaxJuri-themed. Because I love it.

3. 4.


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1st April 2004

Icons galore.. lore..lore *echo*

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MORE FMA SERVICE. All from the manga. These are all for you guys, I'm not planning on using any for personal use except maybe for the lust ones. ^_^

lust; 04
scar; 01
hughes; 03
envy; 02
roy; 01

total; 11


1. 2.

Dreaming about Providence and whether mice or men have second triesCollapse )

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28th March 2004


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Out with a few icons; have been busy latelty..appologies ^_^

Lust; 02
Edward; 02
Hughes; 04
Roy; 01

Rest are behind the cut.


Some are FMA ep25 spoilers -WARNINGCollapse )

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24th March 2004


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Yeah. I finally managed to mosey on in and update with some icons =_=; I'll try to be around more, kay?

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.

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23rd March 2004


Here is my first batch of icons. Please be nice; credit; and ENJOY! And as usual, the rest are under the cut.

FMA & Kurogane

Edward; 04
Roy; 06
Hawkeye; 01
Sins; 04
Hughes; 02
Yoshida; 02
Okita; 02

Total; 21

. .

under saturns shadow I have fallen..Collapse )

I also made 2 wallpapers, both for 1024x768 resolution.

DN Angel; 01 & Roy; 01

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