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Icon Requestation --the snatchers chance to shine!

I found lately I've been making icons pertaining more to my own interest, than to others. I'm sure everyone's noticed my lack of posting and leaving it to the others, here.
Instead of displaying the measely 50 icons I've made over the past 2 months (at least), I will set up another 'icon requestation'.


+ Credit me when you upload your icon. very important.
+ Tell me in your request, IF you will be using the icon outside lj (greatestjournal, journalfen etc?)
+ Requests are one icon per person.
+ Let me do with your icon what I wish unless it is MANDATORY that it must look to your specifications.
+ Provide image.

Everything else is free-reign; it doesn't have to be restricted to anime as I have specialities in various genres. All I'll hope is you enjoy the finished product and will look to this icon journal for further graphics and spread the word.
This entry will only be affective for 2 weeks, starting on this date. Please keep this in mind, as I will ignore comments past the due date! Thanks and spread the love.
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