Aly (mother) wrote in iconz_kthx,

Un0-related to icons, but related to webspace--

I'm a girl looking for four people to contribute to my domain, These people must have similar ventures and the drive to make my portal one of the most frequented on the net. This, as well as a partly-positive attitude, an easy-going personality with the hostee (me) and assurance that their site will be worth the time of the visitor's.

The reason I have said fours, is that I posess in my hand four subdomains. Actually, there is five but the fifth belongs to a good friend of mine. Her webcomic has received over one-thousand readers and she is still transferring her files over to my server at the moment.
I'd love to hand the other four to some worthy people, especially those in the music/anime/manga business. No, it doesn't have tio be those subjects exactly yet it would be interesting to have a business flurish. ^_^

I, as a hostee, am well enough qualified. I guarantee that the server is one of reliability and will suit the person's needs to the fullest. Their subdomain will also receive an unlimited quota -unless specified and is able to get ahold of me at all times no matter where I am. Contact information will be provided apon request.

Interested? Please leave a comment here; my journal; any messaging programs in my user info. Thanks!
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