7th June 2005


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This hasn't been an easy decision, but though my stay here has been wonderful, I find myself wishing for the maintenance of my own ijournal. Therefore I have moved to agirlnextdoor, just updated with 75 icons. Thank you to everyone who used my icons, and thank you mother for inviting me here in the first place. It's been a great run. I just felt it was time for something new.

♥ Kelsey

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1st June 2005

PERM HIATUS -- until further notice.

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I'm sorry to do this.

I'll now be posting all icons over at my own journal, mother. I spend more time there than I do my ijournal and there just isn't anyone posting here anymore, including myself.

Therefore, if you wish to still snag my icons, I suggest adding my regular eljay instead and looking out for public posts. Sometimes iposts will be under a 'friends cut' and to access those you must request to be added.

I hope most of you will feel the need to venture there; I just posted a few icons a moment ago, so please take a look!


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I know this isn't icon related and I appologise.

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Anyone here need a computer or knows someone that needs one?
It's a COMPAQ Presario 6000 model, Athlon XP 1800 processor, 60GB, 228MEM, less than two years old, GEForce 4 graphics card. I'll include a pair of 300$ computer speakers with the purchase.
Shipping and handling will be paid by the buyer.

Interested? I really need the funds from this and it's lying around collecting dust.

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7th May 2005

Icon post -14 testless and two regular

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16 icons -these are NOT bases;
Various characters -ask me if you don't know who is who;
LOTR - lord of the rings;

--From a LOTR doujinshi I scanned. It's quite a beautiful book and has a very moving plot along with it -it provided me the needed inspiration this time around. And considering it took so much work this time around, to scan and clean, please make sure you credit for sure. :D--

a. b.

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14th April 2005

Another post from yours truly.

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Summary;Another batch, a bit biased but anyway.
Contains; Bleach, Tsubasa, Elfen Lied
Amount; 31

Rules; CREDIT!!

[edit]: I'm also including a Gankutsuou wallpaper --YAOI WARNING.
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everything is well -wallpaper- 1024x768Collapse )

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12th April 2005

Yes, I have awoken, minions.

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Summary; I'd asked myself, months ago, 'do I ever want to post icons again?' I replied no. Then, this month, I decided 'yes' and there you have it. I'll be posting a bunch each week, instead of monthly, so I hope that's sufficient.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
Comtains; Gundam Wing, Gankutsuou, Loveless, Bleach, Fullmatal Alchemist, Howl's movie castle, Dokuro-chan.
Amount; 37
Rules; CREDIT!!

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11th April 2005


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It has been AGES since I've updated here. Enjoy!

Hot Gimmick - 30
Naruto - 37
The OC - 10
Keira Knightley - 12
Christina Aguilera - 12
PJ Harvey - 05
The Beatles - 08

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26th February 2005

120 icons (of doom)

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I was on vacation for most of the past week, and I also have no life. Hence, icons!

Dead Poets Society - 03
The Dresden Dolls - 11
X - 05
Nana - 15
Paradise Kiss - 14
INVU - 54
Her - 12
Misc - 02

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13th February 2005

111 ic0nz

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I cannot BELIEVE that it's been over a month since I updated here. Hopefully it was worth the wait. :P Credit for brushes, gradients, and images = all in my memories. :D

Fullmetal Alchemist - 39
X - 26
Angel Sanctuary - 07
Girl, Interrupted - 18
The Virgin Suicides - 09
Madonna - 10
Misc - 02

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27th January 2005



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20th January 2005

Two for One

not very many to post here, but enough to pass time with.

alichino: 3
chrono cross: 1
dn angel: 3
final fantasy: 4
gokinjo monogatari: 3
otsuka ai: 1
sailormoon: 4

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19th January 2005



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16th January 2005

Icon Requestation --the snatchers chance to shine!

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I found lately I've been making icons pertaining more to my own interest, than to others. I'm sure everyone's noticed my lack of posting and leaving it to the others, here.
Instead of displaying the measely 50 icons I've made over the past 2 months (at least), I will set up another 'icon requestation'.


+ Credit me when you upload your icon. very important.
+ Tell me in your request, IF you will be using the icon outside lj (greatestjournal, journalfen etc?)
+ Requests are one icon per person.
+ Let me do with your icon what I wish unless it is MANDATORY that it must look to your specifications.
+ Provide image.

Everything else is free-reign; it doesn't have to be restricted to anime as I have specialities in various genres. All I'll hope is you enjoy the finished product and will look to this icon journal for further graphics and spread the word.
This entry will only be affective for 2 weeks, starting on this date. Please keep this in mind, as I will ignore comments past the due date! Thanks and spread the love.

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10th January 2005

124 icons :O

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What a schizo selection of icons. *G* They can only have come from me!

Bleach - 13
Escaflowne - 03
Utena - 03
Tokyo Babylon - 02
X - 12
Magic Knight Rayearth - 01
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland - 03
Clover - 12
Alice in Wonderland - 01
The Sandman - 10
Tori Amos - 07
Christina Aguilera - 08
Wicked - 09
Hamlet - 25
The Virgin Suicides - 08
Fight Club - 07

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22nd August 2003


Some are old - some are not / yadda yadda. I have lots of new brushes on my site for download, as well.

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22nd December 2004


Un0-related to icons, but related to webspace--

I'm a girl looking for four people to contribute to my domain, shuukyou.com. These people must have similar ventures and the drive to make my portal one of the most frequented on the net. This, as well as a partly-positive attitude, an easy-going personality with the hostee (me) and assurance that their site will be worth the time of the visitor's.

The reason I have said fours, is that I posess in my hand four subdomains. Actually, there is five but the fifth belongs to a good friend of mine. Her webcomic has received over one-thousand readers and she is still transferring her files over to my server at the moment.
I'd love to hand the other four to some worthy people, especially those in the music/anime/manga business. No, it doesn't have tio be those subjects exactly yet it would be interesting to have a business flurish. ^_^

I, as a hostee, am well enough qualified. I guarantee that the server is one of reliability and will suit the person's needs to the fullest. Their subdomain will also receive an unlimited quota -unless specified and is able to get ahold of me at all times no matter where I am. Contact information will be provided apon request.

Interested? Please leave a comment here; my journal; any messaging programs in my user info. Thanks!

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26th November 2004

102 icons :3

Current Mood: chipper
And here we are again, at that marvelous time of updating. Let's hope that all the HTML is finally fixed, shall we? x_x;;

Peach Girl - 20
Magic Knight Rayearth - 03
Gohou Drug - 02
Clover - 06
X - 25
Kill Bill - 22
Dead Poets Society - 07
The Beatles - 09
Misc - 08

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10th November 2015

116 Iconnnnzzzz

Current Mood: gloomy
I haven't updated iconz_kthx in a while... so I've been making icons like crazy over the past few days. I'm so sorry if they're not to your liking, but hey... at least I did something.

We have everything! The good, the bad and the just-plain-ugly. XD Enjooooy. *dies* My eyes hurt. T_T

Death Note | 8
DNAngel | 4
Fruits Basket | 8
Full Metal Alchemist | 14
Hot Gimmick | 8
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e | 8
Hikaru no Go | 8
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de | 4
Hikaru Utada | 4
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNicle | 8
X/1999 | 36
Yu Yu Hakusho | 6
116 icons... *dies*

Mountains High and Valleys Low...Collapse )
Remember to comment and credit. If everyone follows the rules, we'll all be one happy family, hm? Sankyuuuuu... I can't WAIT to go to bed. T_T I skipped my nap to do all this. *weeps*

The screencaps for the FMA icons were done by winter_ruins. She's wonderful. Oh! And the Hot Gimmick bases go to catesith18. X3 All brushes and borders were done by me. ^_^

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4th November 2004


1/ kenshin
8/ peacemaker kurogane
2/ hellsing
1/ w-inds

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5th November 2004


I'm new. ^_^ sure to be the butt end of talent at this place XD I'll probably update more with brushes more than I will with icons.. if that's okay. Brushes are my thing. BUT here are some icons, few months old, i'll have a newer batch sometime soon. My style is sort of different..

peacemaker kurogane-7
resident evil-1
NHK shinsengumi-1
FFX seymour-2
angel sanctuary-1
ryuhei matsuda-3

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3rd November 2004

100 icons + 1 FO Banner :D

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It's that marvelous icon time again. Yes, the Halloween one is a bit dated, which just goes to show that I should never try to make icons on a deadline.

Mena Suvari - 08
Harry Potter - 20
Donnie Darko - 20
XXXHolic - 04
X - 28
Chobits - 04
Maria-sama ga Miteru - 06
Utena - 02
Nana - 08

F.O. Banners:
Random - 01

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12th October 2004

UPDATE!! Grab em` while they're hott~

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--WARNING!-- Some are in .PNG format and some are in .GIF. If you don't like one of either etc, that sucks. Just a warning ;)--

Revolutionary Girl Utena;13
Full Metal Alchemist(manga);4
Furuba(Fruits Basket);4
Samurai 7;11
Saitou Hajime;8
Wolf's Rain;15

Total; 71

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9th October 2004

118 icons :D

Current Mood: cheerful
Newbie alert! :O Formerly of luna_riviera (all credit info available in the userinfo) and now of iconz_kthx! Very exciting. ^^

Harry Potter - 10
Utena - 56
Clover - 28
X - 24

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16th September 2015

104 Iconzkthxbai.

Current Mood: bitchy
... FINALLY. An update. Credits for HUMONGOUS X scans go to catesith18, WHOSE ICONS ARE WAY BETTER THAN MINE.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust | 1
Death Note | 6
DNAngel | 2
Escaflowne | 2
Fruits Basket | 5
Full Moon wo Sagashite | 7
Hot Gimmick | 8
Hana Kimi | 1
Hikaru Utada | 7
Plastic Tree | 1
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE | 3
Wish | 4
X/1999 | 40
Yami no Matsuei | 2
Please love them.Collapse )

PLEASE remember to credit either yumeminouta or iconz_kthx. Comment if any are taken. And if you haven't friended the community yet, please do so!

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15th August 2015


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Mmm... I'm dying slowly. But I did it for mother. I'm sorry if not many people like the icons. @_@;;; And for SOME unknown reason, LJ keeps logging me OUT.

They're all still scattered.

X | 15
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE | 8
Fruits Basket | 7
Hana-Kimi | 6
DNAngel | 6
xxxHolic | 5
Tokyo Babylon | 5
Card Captor Sakura | 5
Clover | 4
Yami no Matsuei | 3
64 freakin' iconz!!!


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Enjoy!!! ^_^

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