death reborn revolution (rosemary) wrote in iconz_kthx,
death reborn revolution

Two for One

not very many to post here, but enough to pass time with.

alichino: 3
chrono cross: 1
dn angel: 3
final fantasy: 4
gokinjo monogatari: 3
otsuka ai: 1
sailormoon: 4





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Saved the second and third sm ones. Very nice, will comment if used!
Very pretty. ^_^ Snagged the third DNAngel one with credit.

I love them all, though! <3
I've taken the PGSM Serenity one. Love it!
That's a gorgeous icon! Pluto was always one of my favorite Senshi.
Oooo, loving the Alichino icons *____* Taking all three with credit <3
ohhh 7th is beautiful!
Taking the last Sailor Moon one and I will credit. Is it okay if I use it on Greatest Journal with due credit? I won't so it if you say no.
of course it is!
Thank you!
I saved the first two Alichino ones. ^^;
Saved the last Alichino one. <3
snagged final fantasy