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120 icons (of doom)

I was on vacation for most of the past week, and I also have no life. Hence, icons!

Dead Poets Society - 03
The Dresden Dolls - 11
X - 05
Nana - 15
Paradise Kiss - 14
INVU - 54
Her - 12
Misc - 02

feels like love in the strangest wayCollapse )
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I take some of them for my private collection, they're so cool!
doinkies can see them now ^^ They're lovely! I took #34 - I'll definitely credit when I use it ^^
Crediting number 11. Thanks!
took some of the paradise kiss icons ;) will credit..
taking 7, 8, 12, 14, 99 will credit :D
love the paradise kiss and invu ones =(^.--)=
They're all so awesome! Taking 10, 12, 37, 71, 99, credit will be given! Thanks for makin them and I hope you continue to make more!
took 5,6,7 will credit. ^_^
i lovvve #12 and #14. Will take <3
er, take = credit* Sorry.
Taking #50, it totally fits my mood right now so its so ironic that I found it. I havn't seen INVU icons anywhere, awsome job. You're very talented.
Snagging 36, 39 - will credit
Grabbing #109 from HER and I promise to credit. As a lesbian myself I find that icon very funny!

By the way, can I use your icons on Greatest Journal if I give due credit? If you say it's not okay then I won't do it.
took the dresden dolls 10, 12, 13 & 14. they're the sweetest.

the rest are beautiful, too.

will credit. :)
great job
i took 119
will credit
taking 3 and 13. will credit.
-Type of graphic: icon
-Size (Pixles): 100x 100
-Color(s): Pink
-Text: And my [insert heart image here] is a thumb
-Pattern: None
-Gradients: Anything you'd like (you don't need to, though)
-Font: Very readable font, any type you like
-Font Color(s): Pink
-Animation: (y/n): no
of the dresden ones taken 009 010 011 and 012, theyre great, thank you very much
#14 will credit in keywords
I'm taking number 10 as it is fabulous (and, of course, I will credit)! These are all wonderful!

Thanks much!
Took a bunch! Thank you!!!
I love your icons. Where do you get the images for the Paradise Kiss icons? Are they your own scans?
i love your icon 018 :) subaru and hokuto are my favorite twins! :) Oh, and I'm going to use the icon for the lj... I'm new to this, so I have a question... when I give you credits... is it to Kelsey or crazylittleme?
Great icons. x3 Saved 109, will give credit.
# 86


I know you posted these awhile ago, but I just got a chance to come back and check 'em out! I love your Nana and Parakiss icons! Thanks for doing such great work!
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