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120 icons (of doom)

I was on vacation for most of the past week, and I also have no life. Hence, icons!

Dead Poets Society - 03
The Dresden Dolls - 11
X - 05
Nana - 15
Paradise Kiss - 14
INVU - 54
Her - 12
Misc - 02

feels like love in the strangest wayCollapse )
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Nice to see you made the Dead Poets ones. Number 2... xD
Wow! Love all the I.N.V.U. icons.
Taking 36 and 60, will credit when used.
Taking a lot of the INVU ones. (Now if only I'd actually read the series...) Beautiful, as always! Credit with use. ^-^
Really lovely! I took #43.
taking a few of the dolls <3
took 5, 6, and 13
ugh i totally love you!!! INVU ICONS, NO 1 makes these cept u! and i totally thank u and i hope u contine makin INVU ones and parakisss and nana and a whole lotta great mangas! thanks soo much
*sob* doinkies can't see the icons! ;_; And I wanted to see your Nana and ParaKiss icons so bad...

Hopefully you can reupload them?
I love your DPS icons. Took #1. I will credit, of course.
Not taking any - but I just wanted to mention that the "I'm bi!" one just cracked me up.
love all the Dresden Doll icons, the Nana icons, and the Paradise Kiss icons. the Her icons are GREAT as well. you know what, they're all fucking awesome!!
I'm taking 10, 11, 12, and 14.
dude...INVU icons...that makes my day. I'm taking #50 for future use. Thanks!
7 and 12. ^.^
I snagged #14!

Will credit. tose are lovely <3
I love the vibrant colors! bwahaha, taking 5, will credit!
82. and 83. will credit.

thanks muchly :D
Purdy! :D

9, 32, 86, 117, 120
I'll be taking #2, a lot of the NANA ones (Yay for Le Tigre lyrics), and 44, 40, 45.
took 12, 13 and 104! will credit when used.
wonderful ! I love your most recent stylistic development <3
I picked #15 18 20 26 33 34 35 much love for the nana icons ! *is excited about the forthcoming live action movie*
taking invu's. ^^
took 10, 34, 86, 97, 81, 116, 117, & 111. thx! ^^
wow, nana, parakiss and dresden dolls? and you have such a way with manga icons!!! geez...
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